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Change the filibuster rules in the Senate

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Needed in order to push back on Republican obstruction.

In the 2010 election, we saw the diminution of the Democratic majority in the Senate. Many of us were concerned and expressed our concern by a call for a change in the rules that would limit the abuse of the filibuster by the Republican members, to defeat the passage of any bill that might be considered progressive. We understand that limiting such a rule might affect Democrat's ability to stop future potentially dangerous legislation should the Democrats become a minority in the future, however, the rule having been left as it stood enabled the Republicans to freeze up the Senate's ability to accomplish anything.

We don't know how this next, 2012 election will play out, but should the Democrats hold on to a slim majority, we here by urge you to take pre-emptive action on behalf of the America People.

If through our work on the campaigns and through our donations and support we are able to hold on the Democratic majority in Senate, we feel we must insist that you adjust the Senate rules, within the allotted timeframe, to prevent or at least discourage, the ongoing abuses.

There is no one more familiar with the rules of Congress than you are, and perhaps you had good, defensible reasons for leaving the rules as they stood, so exactly how any changes are drawn we respectfully leave to your discretion. If nothing else, we ask that the filibuster be reinstated to its original form, as brilliantly demonstrated by the Honorable Bernie Sanders (I), and be required to run out the clock in defense of the blockage. There is no defensible argument for allowing one hothead Jr. Senator to block even so much as the discussion of a bill with a single dissenting vote. There may be other more nuanced procedures that could be applied, but we the undersigned expect that something pre-emptive be done and expect, nea, insist that you do it. 


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