Dismiss Justice Olatunji Issac

Dismiss Justice Olatunji Issac

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For Justice started this petition to Senate House of Adeyemi College of Education and


*Justice Olatunji Issac is the one who sits in judgment over men and women of “timber and caliber” for alleged official misconduct among students. A junior Judge compared to the Chief Justice of Adeyemi College of Education, but very powerful, this Judge was once a Special Adviser on student matters to Comrade Olamilekan Ipaye the Former SUG President of 2019/2020 regime.*

*His unraveling started during the Student Union Government Adeyemi College Parliamentary Sitting. When the Student Union Government President in the person of Comrade Ọdún Special was suspended for mismanagement of funds in which the Vice President in the person of Ismail Zynab was made the acting President.*
*Immediately after the sitting Justice Issac went to the newly inaugurated Acting president office to beat her up, unknown to her she went for a competition avoiding the unfavorable incident.* *On this same day, the Justice called the Acting president threatening her on phone. Which the Paramilitary had to appoint Aid D Camp to watch after her.*

*Recalled that Justice Olatunji Issac and members of the union SBA had camping against social vices on campus and now he saw violating what he campaigned against.*


*Olatunji Issac, for record purposes, is the Court Registrar for the Student Union Government Adeyemi College of Education Judiciary Arm. At face value, the Justice looks harmless and gentlemanly. But he has shown that those face neither harmless nor gentlemanly.*

*Justice Olatunji Issac has betrayed his office, by behaving so dishonorably in public.*

*How did Justice Olatunji Issac descend to this level?*

*If the damning and disgraceful act done by Justice Olatunji Issac, is anything to go by, Justice Olatunji Issac should resign from office.* *He should not seat for one more day in an exalted office.*
*There are apologies he must tender publicly and unreservedly.*

*He should also sign an undertaking letter stating the safe affairs of the Student Union Government Adeyemi College of Education Acting President / Vice President Life.*

He should apologize to his family for soiling the family’s name. He should apologize to the Judicial arm and the Student Union Government for reducing the high office he was appointed into a laughing stock. He should apologize to all students for destroying our collective trust. He should apologize to the Student Bar Association for reducing the prestige of the association. He should render a public apology to Lady Comrade Ismail Zynab for harassing and threatening her publicly in a humiliating and undignifying manner. And finally, he should quietly retire to his house and make peace with God.

After all these, investigations were going on about the case, and evidence was being collected by the Student Bar Association secretly.

The barristers who got these facts planned to forward it to the Student Bar Association Executives when another case happened on the 3rd of September, 2021, in which Justice Olatunji Issac threatened the Vice President again publicly, in the presence of some students and some paramilitary officials, which made students pester the Student Bar Association to take action against the Justice.

But, as you know, many wealthy and influential Nigerian men/women suffer from what I choose to call the “big man syndrome For them, every little thing amounts to an insult. It amounts to a degradation of their power and influence. They need to flaunt it everywhere.

But, again I disagree.

So far the Student Bar Association has always been complimenting the Judicial Arm by investigating and bringing individuals to the law. They have always upheld the law wherever you see them.

We hope they won't be biased in calling their Justice to order. We also hope the Chief Justice of Adeyemi College of Education Judicial Arm will stand with the law and dismiss the Justice who violated the principle of the law and the principle of being a citizen of Nigeria.

The whole school community is watching and waiting for the next line of action that will be taken against Justice Olatunji Issac for the threat to the life of the Acting President.

I say let the dirt be removed!

Justice Olatunji Issac should be dismissed! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!