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Have Rep. PA Sen. John Eichelberger Step Down from PA Senate Education Committee

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During a town hall meeting last month Pennsylvania Republican Senator and chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate's Education Committee John Eichelberger stated "minority students from inner-city public schools would do better in vocational careers than in college". He further said they would succeed in a less-intensive track. Despite the biased and discriminatory comments made during the town hall as well as criticism from his peers, Mr. Eichelberger's comments have not garnered much attention outside some articles posted on Pennsylvania websites and blogs. If Mr. Eichelberger holds views such as these, this makes me wonder as to what his thoughts are on other topics related to education, such as the privatization of public education, among others. 

Mr. Eichelberger is a White male who leads the Pennsylvania Senate's Education committee. As the leader of such a committee, Mr. Eichelburger is someone who should encourage all students to go to college. What Mr. Eichelburger failed to understand is who represents the majority of the student body of inner-city public schools, young boys and girls of color. He is chastising the failing urban school system instead of finding strategies to improve and revitalize it. With racially charged statements like this there is no room for anyone in high office to be leading any type of government committee yet alone an education committee. Additionally, other than serving as the current education committee chair, Mr. Eichelberger has no other experiences in education. He previously served as president of an insurance brokerage company before breaking into politics.

Please join me in signing this petition forcing Mr. Eichelberger to step down from his position as Pennsylvania Senate's Education Chairman. A chairperson's role is to lead by example and to influence decisions and others around you. Making disparaging comments as it relates to the inner-city public school system and the academic success of students of color is not conducive to what education represents.

Lets hold Mr. Eichelburger more accountable for his unjust comments.

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