Congress Must Ratify the Treaty for America to Join the International Criminal Court

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Scott huminski
Jun 24, 2020
of conduct like this

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Maryann Petri
Jun 22, 2020
Prison and Family Court Reform NOW! Defund CPS, Title B, D and E

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Nancy Schaeffer
Jun 21, 2020
Very sad how prison operate in the US, other countries are much more civilized.

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Elihu El
Jun 16, 2020
Good Evening Professional Contacts, Friends, and Family,

I hope that all remains well on your end. We can't achieve any degree of normalcy in our country unless we understand the problem. To really understand what is currently going on in America and actually implement solutions, I highly recommend that you study the information via these links and forward them to at least 10 or more people:
Enlightenment and Awareness:
Identifying the Root Cause and Developing the Solution:
Electing and Voting for the Right Leaders:

Social responsibility means that businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholder value, must act in a manner that benefits society. Social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment.

Question: African-Americans pay taxes equal or more than any other racial demographic in America. African-Americans make-up 13% of the population. Fifteen of my bring-home pay goes towards retirement and savings. Thirteen percent is not very much. What really gives? We have to deliberately end this 400 year hatred that plagues America. Is there a social responsibility for every agency, department, or company that receives tax-payer dollars to hire 13% African-Americans and treat them fairly?

Social Responsibility:

I would like to setup a Zoom meeting day and time to speak with you all. What is a good number to call to schedule the time(s)? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me 301-906-1292.

Warm Regards,

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Patricia Hansen
Jun 16, 2020
Too many prisoners took plea deals hoping to get out of jail. The punishments and the length of the punishments are not even sane.