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To ensure better investigations by mandatory reporters on all abuse claims.

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One of Louisiana’s current laws allows for one mandatory reporter to claim abuse on a child. One abuse claim will normally fuel an investigation by the state in which all children in the home will become custody of the state or not allow the parents to be around their children without approved supervision. Sadly in many cases, innocent families are falsely accused and their lives are ripped apart. In the Spaetgens’ case, their 3 month old daughter passed away and they were accused of abuse (shaken baby syndrome.) It would be later discovered, that the death of their daughter was from SIDS. Despite several tests and Dr’s stating that there was no abuse on their child, that one abuse claim fueled an investigation by the state in which they were put under a care plan for 5.5 months. They were not able to go home for that period of time or allowed to be around their remaining children unless an approved supervisor was present. So many other innocent families have fallen through our system that is intended to protect our children because of this law. The Spaetgens’ family is now in pursuit of a law change, known as Senate Bill 109. This will require more than one opinion or test result from a facility when an abuse claim has been made. A much more thorough investigation will be required by mandatory reporters. This will protect innocent families from being put under an unnecessary care plan and make a better claim on those children who are being truly abused. This would also allow for better use of state time and funding for those precious children that are abused instead of those who are not. If you are in support of SB109, please sign. God Bless!!

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