Stop wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary benefits for the Politicians of Australia

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This Petition is for the politicians, we want fairness, we want the politicians to: 

  1. Stop all business class travel (Example: $31 million in 3 months, July 2017)
  2. Stop all family travel allowances
  3. Full Review into Salaries and all Allowances for being for home and away from home
  4. Stop Tax deductible second residencies
  5. Stop pension benefits (Resettlement allowances, travel allowance, etc.)  
  6. Transparency team setup- This team is completely independent from Parliament and Government to monitor and control all Politicians expenditure.

Politicians are Public Servants. They work for the people, same as the police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, government office workers, government retail workers, etc. These occupations hold our country together, they are local heroes. But they don't get any benefits or great pensions when they retire from saving, protecting and educating the people of Australia. Unlike the politicians.  

Unfortunately our politicians are constantly getting caught up in scandal after scandal, constant and pathetic bickering amongst themselves. Australia is sick and tired of seeing the same show over and over again, a politicians says this, says that. We need politicians who are actually doing this job for the people, that want to make the difference for the people. 

Fix these issues and it will bring Transparency and Accountability, to the Politicians. There will be politicians that will go to the private sector because of higher salaries and better benefits but the Government and Australia will be better off. 

For the Politicians who disagree with this, go to the Private sector. This is not unreasonable ask. 


We need the Senate and the House of Representatives to pass amendments to Allowances, Benefits and Remunerations for the Politicians (It is hard because they hold the office but we will push because we are the people of Australia). 


Please sign and share this with as many people as possible. For a better government, for a better Australia. 


For any information please contact, to -

James Gibbs: 0499119846


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Politician Cormann, saying its within the rules- Yes it is within the rules but that needs to change.