find a creative solution helping USA war allies relocate to the United States

find a creative solution helping USA war allies relocate to the United States

April 1, 2021
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 Since the beginning of war on terrorism we USA war allies  helped USA troops accomplish their mission sacrificing our lives and the safety of our families some, we lost many family members, had to flee our homes, some even fled Iraq seeking safety,  for American soldiers we were the guardian angels, the watch over towers, road post signs that helped them go home safely

For more than ten years  of operations throughout Iraq we iraqi allies interpreters co-workers please were known of been loyal workers and true friends  for our American fellas in different units airborne, infentary mp's military police units, marens etc whether our mission was in the rural farm land or in urban metropolis we worked with utmost professionalism and courage in the face of danger
American troops could always rely on us to complete our job without allowing our ethnicity to interfere or bias our translation, in fact their trust in us was so great that they shared their quarters with us
The soldiers respected us as a peers someones they could count on because of our loyalty and work ethics
Multiple enemy encounters and intens operations never stopped us from serving the us army units
We  stood steady and always loyal

Whether the mission was training iraqi  army in the cities ir conducting a joint operations in the war zone across the country we have literally seen and done them all
We were truly one of kind
Soldiers came to see us as their big brothers who always looked out for them not only on mission but also when inside wires

The cool thing about our relationship with them was our and their sense of humor, we did a lot together and had fun that's probably why we loved each others since we got familiar to them and verse versa

We were so rushed to support and stand up for them ready to conquer any obstacles  actually  sharing the same Baracks with them was so useful because we sought self improvement by  writing down every new phrase we heard from them and memorized it that knight

They were more than brothers to us and they are badly missed save iraqi interpreters please give us highest priority in SIV /IOM 

We iraqi US allies supported American women for we we're the guardian angels, sign posts for life threatening journeyof their sons and daughters we paid & still paying high price @POTUS @VP senats pls give us highest priority in SIV /IOM in return to our sacrifices

Sir defending those who defended you is high moral attitude we iraqi allies stood up for you it's time you stand up for us please help us have a highest priority in SIV /IOM we've been pushed back for years thousands of us were killed by anti America murderers save who's left

Ever since we worked with USA WE Lost freedom&we're silenced by silence guns of anti US Iran backed militias we still have faith in @POTUS,@VP,senats,we're touched by Your justice save iraqi interpreters co-workers please please give us highest priority in SIV/IOM we deserve it

USA needs a young blood generation that's willing to raise it's name&flag high up and recover it's natural position on top of strongest countries of the world, save iraqi allies interpreters co-workers please give us highest priority in SIV/IOM we're up to the mission

Mr president,VP,secretary of:state, home land security,senats,no pain no gain we've been living in pain for years, some,times it's a lesson others it's a bless make it a bless save iraqi allies interpreters co-workers give us highest priority in SIV /IOM

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Signatures: 451Next Goal: 500
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