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Sen. McCaskill: “Show Me” You Will Fight for Climate Justice


Despite last month's election result in Massachusetts, the Senate needs to move forward on strong, comprehensive climate legislation.  Senator McCaskill (D-MO) has acknowledged the need to cut emissions and fund adaptation for developing countries, but we want her to stand up and fight for it. We have waited long enough - the time for action is now!



Letter to
Senator Claire McCaskill
As International Women’s Day approaches, I urge you to stand up for climate legislation for the sake of our local and international communities. Prior to Copenhagen, you and eight other Senators sent a letter to President Obama outlining a set of principles to guide action on climate change. You acknowledged the severity and urgency of the threat of climate change, and you emphasized the need to help the most vulnerable populations adapt. With the climate negotiations behind us, I am calling on you to stick to these principles and show me you will fight for climate justice.

The United States must pass climate legislation for the sake vulnerable communities around the world. While least responsible for causing climate change, poor people bear the brunt of the impacts. Fighting climate change is not just about maintaining the status quo - only this time with clean energy. Reducing this nation’s carbon footprint is also about creating opportunities for the poor to improve their lives. We must give them the tools and capacity to be resilient and productive in the face of an increasingly volatile climate.

Time is of the essence, Senator McCaskill, and your constituents have waited long enough. We need climate legislation that includes adaptation funding for those most affected by global change: women, small farmers, and the poor both here and abroad. We need energy policy that will create jobs and transfer clean energy technology to the poorest nations of the world. Finally, we need policy that will cap and gradually decrease greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will prevent more erratic weather, longer droughts, increased flooding and greater spread of disease.


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