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Sen. M. Ranzenhofer, Rep. H. Bronson: Let Chloe the dog come home!

Chloe broke a steel tie out and she and her dog brother, Rocco escaped. We, the owners, began searching for them immediately. Allegedly, the dogs killed a cat. Upon our initial court hearing, we were ordered by the court to plead guilty and forgo a hearing lest both dogs be executed. In essence, we were ordered to sacrifice one dog to save the other. We were not even allowed to speak. We were bullied, intimidated, and justice was not served. There was no physical evidence of the dogs taking part in the attack--no blood,  no scratches, nothing but the cat owners' word.  Even the cat was cremated before it could be tested for DNA.  Chloe does not deserve to die. Upon assessment by a behavioral specialist, both dogs were not found to be dangerous to humans. Even the Animal Control Officer has said that she doesn't believe them to be dangerous.  An appeal has been filed, but a court date has not been set.

Letter to
Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer
Chief of Appeals Bureau, Monroe County, NY Stephen X. O'Brien
New York State Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson
and 2 others
District attorney, Monroe County, NY Sandra Doorley
District Administrative Judge Hon. Craig J. Doran
Let Chloe the dog come home!
Chloe is a beautiful, loving Siberian Husky. She was treated unjustly by the court system, her family was bullied and intimidated by the Town of Chili Justice, Melvin Olver, and the Prosecutor, Mr. Jones. They were not allowed to explain that Chloe was not in her run because she was helping Rocco regain use of his left foreleg after a major injury that landed him at Cornell Companion Animal Hospital for two weeks. Letters from a therapist were dismissed as "Irrelevant" although these dogs are therapeutic to a mom and son who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. The judge and prosecutor had decided the outcome of this case before they even entered the courtroom. There is no evidence that this dog attacked anything, no blood, no scratches, nothing but the cat owners' word. This is not justice.
Chloe is a dog. Dogs chase smaller animals they perceive as prey. Countless dogs have bit people, including small children multiple times and have been allowed to live, even when there is actual evidence of wrongdoing. Murdering Chloe will not bring the cat back. Instead, there will be more pain and suffering. Chloe has been in custody since March 1, without Rocco since April 8. Help this sweet animal be reunited with her family.

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