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Having our tax refunds given though our paycheck eliminates Crimes, Theft and Benefits the Taxpayerpay by having their refund check as a credit towards that week's withholding tax payment!

The government should allow taxpayers to credit their withholding tax payments through their paycheck when they are due a tax refund. This prevents refund checks from being stolen.


1.Decrease the amount refund checks issued which decreases the amount of stolen refund checks.

2.Taxpayers receive immediate financial relief via their paycheck from the tax refund credited against the week's withholding tax payment. Therefore, the taxpayer can receive an increased amount in his paycheck since the tax refund is credited towards that week's withholding tax payment.

3. Prevents ID theives from stealing their tax refund! The refund goes directly to the taxpayer!

The IRS withholding tax payment is $200 / week and the IRS owes the employee $100/ week. Employee's net pay withheld=$100

Paycheck is increased by $100 due to the tax refund credit.

Letter to
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama.

Change the ways that taxpayers can receive their tax refund. Allow taxpayers to receive their tax refund via their paycheck as a credit towards that week's withholding

Allowing the tax refund check to be received through the taxpayer's payroll check eliminates Crimes, Theft and Benefits the Taxpayer!


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