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In November 63% of Massachusetts residence voted YES on question 3 which allows the legal use of medicinal marijuana. SEN John Keenan is rewriting the laws that will make it difficult for patients to access the medicine. He is calling the bill a "Responsible Medical Marijuana Program". As a MASS voter I am nervous that what we vote as a law could be thrown out the window because of other interest. When will it stop. I am a citizen and my vote needs to count whether its for medicinal marijuana or increasing sales tax.
This country has been over run by drug companies for too long. The list of people addicted to dangerous prescription medications like benzo family drugs( adivan) and opiates ( oxycotin) keeps growing every day. They have no medicinal benefit except for taking away pain, but they don't solve the problem and create even worse conditions like liver failure and opiate addiction like heroin. Marijuana has shown in many studies to not only take away pain but to also medicinally heal. There CBDs in this herb that actually shrink tumors and heal many conditions in the body like Ch roan's and muscle spasms, that opiates and other dangerous prescriptions do not. We are looking at an herb that can be consumed in a non harmful way. And there are strains that are actually non-euphoric, having zero to little effect on cognitive function but with all the medicinal qualities.
John Keenan is protecting the pockets of Drug Companies and if he succeeds in writing this bill and it passes this will negatively effect every state that follows in the coming months and years. Sign this petition to stop a Senator from taking away our citizen earned winning vote, to stop making it harder to choose our own medicine and to stop lying to us. We are smarter than that.
PS This needs to be signed and shared very quickly Please spend two minutes and share with everybody. Also please call his office 617-722-1494 and let him know that he can't change our laws that we voted for.

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