Name the South Cotabato Highway to Gen. Paulino Santos Highway

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Gen. Santos City will celebrate on 27 February 2019, the 80th Anniversary of the arrival of General Paulino Santos together with the National Land Settlement Administration (NLSA) personnel and the 1st batch of settlers on the shores of Sarangani Bay in 1939 to establish settlement districts. Lagao (in General Santos City) was the 1st to be set up and seat of government then followed by 5 more. To date, it is now composed of 7 municipalities of Polomolok, Tupi, Tampakan, Banga, Surallah, Sto. Nino and Norala and 2 cities of Gen. Santos and Koronadal.

Coupled with the settlers’ determination and pioneering spirit, General Paulino Santos was always in their midst giving the steadfast leadership, sedulous efforts and commitment to steer the settlements to success. The rest is history.
The first settlers were confronted with “virtual wilderness of forbidding forest known as “lasang”, thick shrubs of cogon, talahib and silibon, haven of malaria-carrier mosquitoes, snakes and wild animals which could intimidate the weak-willed” turned into one of the most progressive, highly urbanized, bustling communities and fully developed commercial, agricultural and industrial lands of the country.
In less than a century, the past 78 years, much have been achieved by the 6 districts. The road network built from nowhere started trade, commerce and industry in southern Mindanao.

“The settlers tackled the vast cogon area, the first few days using plows and carabaos, hoes and bolos, piling up rocks and stones.” Who would have thought that the roads we now enjoy were manually built with their bare hands, constructed by the settlers themselves to open new avenues of opportunities for all of us, the NEXT GENERATIONS.

We, the undersigned call on the National Government, and the Honorable Mayors of the 7 municipalities of Polomolok, Tupi, Tampakan, Banga, Surallah, Santo Nino and Norala and the 2 cities of General Santos and Koronadal as well the Honorable Governor of South Cotabato, the 1st and 2nd Representatives-Congressional Districts of South Cotabato and our very own Hon. Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao to support and heed our proposal to name the 133.8-kilometer long national highway of South Cotabato to GENERAL PAULINO SANTOS HIGHWAY.

To date, only Koronadal City named its national highway as General Paulino Santos Drive. It is a fitting tribute and recognition to the Officer Gentleman, who had this place held closest to his heart.