Nigerians in Diaspora: Right to vote and be voted for.

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I, Hon. Jeffrey Obazee, humbly request you to Join me, sign this petition for diaspora voting and a better Nigeria awaits.  

There are about 15million Nigerians in diaspora. 8m in Europe, about 3m in the US,  2m in South Africa...

The Nigeria diaspora maintain strong ties with friends and relatives back home thereby influencing socio political and economic development in Nigeria. 

In 2012 Nigerians in diaspora contributed to the Nigeria economy more than 34 states of the 36 states, only Lagos and Rivers had higher GDP's.  Diaspora remittance was $12bn, in 2012. And in Dec. 2016 Nigerian diaspora remittance hits $35bn. Highest in Africa and 3rd in the world ( World Bank).  

In 1993, Senegal laws was reformed to accommodate diaspora voting, because of the economic benefits that accrues to the state from Senegalese in diaspora.  Which begs the question, why Nigeria had refused to do same, seeing the economic impact diaspora is contributing. 

Botswana in the diaspora first voted  in the 1999 legislative election. 

Provisions of 1990 Mozambican constitution, revised in 2004, provides for diaspora voting with  2 parliamentary seats to external citizens (diaspora) out of the 250 seats.  In 2004 more than 46,000 mozambican voted in diaspora.

Chp.7, Pt. 8(1e) of the reformed Kenyan Constitution 2010, provides for Kenya diaspora voting and in the just concluded Kenya 2017 presidential election, 5 countries hosted Kenyan diaspora voting. 

Rwanda also successfully conducted diaspora voting  in 98 polling stations all over the world in the just concluded 2017 presidential election. 

The issue of diaspora voting is hinged on a matter of principle, based on the universality of the  right to vote and be voted for, which must be enabled by the legislation.  International migrants participation in politics cannot be overhauled, it is of utmost importance as it can significantly affect election results. 

Nigerians are the most educated ethnic group in the US and many parts of the world. We need a platform to be able to participate in the Nigerian politics as well as get erudite and proactive young leaders from diaspora to join knowledge and leadership experience with our leaders back home for good governance and development, for this is the only way we can enforce the change we need in Nigeria, and this can only be done if Nigerians in diaspora are given the right to vote and be voted for in the 2019 presidential election 

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