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Petitioning Senator Claire McCaskill

Actively support effective climate crisis solutions. Meet with Peaceworks.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is not a climate change denier. She acknowledges that global warming is real, but she stops there and fails to embrace any policies to address the climate crisis.

Moreover, she continues to support the expansion of the use of dirty fossil fuels. She backs the Keystone XL and Flanagan South tar sands pipelines, fracking for gas and oil, offshore drilling in the Artic and continued use of dirty coal. Policies such as these will only accelerate and exacerbate the climate crisis.

Clean energy advocates from Mid-Missouri Peaceworks have requested a meeting with the Senator to discuss effective actions to address climate change, but, to date, the Senator has not scheduled a meeting with us.

Letter to
Senator Claire McCaskill
We face an urgent threat to our security—Global Climate Change—and an effective, timely response is called for. It is unacceptable to acknowledge that climate change is real and then to avoid advocating needed remedies.

As Missourians deeply concerned about our future, we call upon you to embrace effective action now. This includes:
• Moving our nation away from fossil fuel use as quickly as possible;
• Dramatically increasing the efficiency of energy use;
• Rapidly expanding the use of clean, renewable sources of energy, including solar and wind;
• And it means no wasteful expansion of dirty energy infrastructure, including building the Keystone XL or Flanagan South pipelines.
• We also call upon you to meet with representatives of Mid-Missouri Peaceworks, the originator of this petition, to discuss climate policy.

Our security should be your priority. And this means addressing the climate crisis.