Stop the Theft of Pets by Scam Rescues and Others

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The problem of good people who love their animals being the victims of shady rescues, greedy humane groups, and overzealous animal control needs to stop!. Animals are seized from their home, based on lies, propaganda and abuse of power, and used as bait to bring in donations, and extort huge sums of money from owners, who have to pay outrageous boarding fees for their care while confiscated, even when found innocent of all charges of neglect or cruelty! Recently a breeder who dogs were taken, is being charged almost $2 MILLION ! for their care, for a year, despite all food donated by a dog food company, and despite the fact that the Humane Society of the US, who instigated charges against her, has received over 600K in donations thus far, on her case alone. The animals taken from their homes are victims too. Far too often, they die under the care of their "saviors", exotic animals are sent to sanctuaries often run by animal rights extremists. This ideology does not allow human contact, including vet care, and the animals suffer terribly and die from easily treated disease. These facilities are exempt from following the same standards as private owners, and conditions vary widely.

Dogs taken from breeders die in the shelters from parvovirus acquired there, bloat from improper food and stress, and puppies die regularly from lack of experience caring for them, neglect and dirty conditions at shelters. The aforementioned breeder has had four of her dogs die under shelter care,from bloat, a condition that they are not able to blame on the owner, as they usually do.

It seems every day now, there are headlines about "puppy mill raided",with every one being "the worst they've ever seen" and "deplorable conditions", yet closer look reveals clean dogs, healthy weight, and despite claims of them being severely neglected, are often available for new homes very quickly, with big "adoption fees".

Animal rights groups and scam rescue groups,PETA and the Humane Society of the United States, spend a lot of money convincing the public that everyone is cruel to their animals, and convincing them to send donations to "help" the animals, but it really only helps their CEO's to get richer. HSUS has been sued by one state for misuse of funds, and a senator from another state is now demanding an investigation of their organization The damage they do to animal enterprises is immeasurable, so many animal lovers are duped, and believe their lies. 

Ringling Brothers circus won a multi-million dollar settlement against ASPCA, proving that they lied about abuse of circus elephants, and paid witnesses to lie in court, but the damage was done, the public believed the lies and they were forced to retire their elephants. 

We realize that not all charges against owners are false, people become overwhelmed by illness, death of loved ones, financial problems, and sometimes need help caring for their animals.

For this reason, the goal of this petition is IMPOUND in PLACE. If conditions need improvement, leave the animals who are not ill in their homes, and give people time to make these improvements! This simple action will save many lives of the animals, and remove the huge financial incentive for people to impound animals for profit. The current system is badly broken, there are absolutely NO consequences for those who make false accusations against animal owners. They have everything to gain (donations, glory, boarding fees), and nothing to lose, the taxpayers foot the bill for court fees, while animals die, and their owners lives and reputations are destroyed., Why isn't impound in place used now? Simple,money! Without seizing animals, the groups would lose huge amounts, no inflated boarding fees, no adoption fees from rehoming someone's pets, and of course, the begging for donations for their care!

No one is safe, commercial breeders with flawless inspections, small home based breeders with years of champion show dogs, exotics owners with beautiful farms and ranches, even you or your neighbor whose siberian husky is outside when someone thinks its too cold. All it takes is a call to authorities, and chaos ensues. People with animals should not have to live in constant fear. When the financial incentive for these "rescue" raids is removed, we will see a remarkable drop in their occurrence. Everything stated here is a fact, and statistics and proof available upon request. Please sign our petition to restore common sense and the right of people to enjoy their properties,and their animals in peace.

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