Revise the new dress code at SHS

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Recently, SHS students were told that a new dress code was in place. This dress code was presented to students after school had started, when most students have already done back to school shopping and spent large amounts of money on school clothes. The updated dress code limits the wardrobe of female students greatly, while male students were told to “just keep their pants up.” So basically males can wear any type of pants, including skinny jeans that are just as revealing on a male as leggings, so long as they don’t show their undergarments. The administration says male students can only show at most three inches of their shoulders, but even before the dress code change, our previously lenient dress code rarely ever required a male student to be dress coded for his outfit. Female students aren’t allowed to show their shoulders, are prohibited from wearing leggings, can only wear shorts past their finger tips, and cannot show their midriff whatsoever. Tank tops/spaghetti straps are not allowed to be worn unless a cardigan is worn over it.


At SHS, the faculty and administrators promote self expression, but how are students supposed to express themselves when the school puts ridiculous limitations on them. Administrators will claim that it causes a distraction in class, but throughout my entire high school career I have never seen another student distracted by what someone else was wearing. That just doesn’t happen. Students come to school to get an education and socialize with the people around them, not to see what so-and-so is wearing that day. If the females aren’t showing intimate or obscene body parts, they should be allowed to wear the clothes they bought/have. It’s 2018. Styles have changed and so have attitudes. Most people are not bothered by the clothes that the administration at Seminole High deems inappropriate.


However, this is deeper than just a fashion choice. The discrimination against male students not being able to control their actions is absurd. Male students have just as much self control as the female students do. The bodies of students don’t determine whether education will occur that day or not. A female student showing her shoulders is not going to impair a male student from focusing on his class work. There should not be sexism and double standards in high school, yet it is very obviously represented in the dress code at Seminole High School.


Teachers have taught us to stand up for things we believe in and fight for what we think is right. Well, here we are. If we let the school get away with the dress code this year, it will only become stricter and stricter until students are back to uniforms with no self-expression whatsoever. As a student at Seminole High, I’ve started this petition to draw the attention of the administrators. Let’s at least get them to sit down with a group of students and discuss a fair solution to the problem. If you are a student affected by this dress code or support the reasoning for this petition, please sign so that we can make a difference not only at our school, but at any schools with problems related to discrimination.