Ban/Reduce Homework in Seminole County

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Homework is not beneficial and doing homework every night is becoming stressful. Especially when you have homework for almost all classes. Me and so many other students stay up all night doing homework, just to get a good grade, once we finish we turn it in. JUST SO WE CAN DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY. We as teenagers need to get 8-9 hours of sleep daily, especially when you have to wake up around 6 A.M., but the anount of homework given daily cuts off 2-3 hours of sleep. My school especially if you miss 1 day, 2-4 hours taken away. And the outcome of all of this is worse. For example, I stayed up till 1 doing homework, and when I wake up I am fatigue and my brain isn’t fully functioning, which prevents my brain from learning and remembering certain things, causing me to perform poorly on homework and schoolwork. This also causes me to struggle understanding the subject in class, so when I go home I know exactly nothing about what we learned. 

Even if we cannot ban homework in Seminole County such as Marion County did, can we atleast decrease the amount given daily. 

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