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KATRINA SHADIX started this petition to Seminole County Commission

Irresponsible urban sprawl developers are trying to rush through 6 projects before the election, while citizens are being restricted from fully participating in county public hearings.

This petition is asking the Seminole County Commissioners to enact a 6 month moratorium on permitting and rezoning.

Extreme measures have been taken by- and countless special favors have been given to- developers in Seminole County for the past 20 years. If you look at an aerial image of Seminole County in 2000 and at one taken today, you will see a dramatic decrease in the amount of green space.

This green space is from what Seminole County derived its motto: 'Florida's Natural Choice'

Well, for 20 years, Seminole has been Florida’s DEVELOPERS CHOICE—and I’m running for Seminole County Commission to stop that --to stop the urban sprawl, the environmental destruction, the establishment status quo politics, the career politicians and the shady back room deals.  


August 31, 2020 Letter to Seminole County Commission :

The Noma/Avila developer upzoning request was approved by the commissioners;  even though it was not in the best interest of the citizens of Seminole and despite having an incredible amount of public opposition.

Developers are NOT entitled to zoning changes, but again we see the Seminole County Commissioners' trend of privatizing profits for developers, while socializing the costs to tax paying citizens---  AND the cost to our environment.

This trend is another glaringly obvious reason why a UNANIMOUS commissioner vote should be required for upzoning, developments and any removal of land from the rural boundary.  The simple majority (3 out of 5 votes) has failed us over and over again and has brought us to where we are now---irresponsible, unethical & out of control growth, flooding due to ever expanding amounts of impervious surfaces, unmanageable traffic congestion, no efficient or dependable mass public transit, no clean energy production, a dependence on monopolistic dirty energy producers, declining wildlife populations and green spaces, reduction and contamination of our waterways and drinking water supply, declining quality of life, civil unrest and a growing distrust of our government.

Specifically Re: Noma/Avila development:  the trees in the Morning Dew Loop ROW were not to be destroyed by the developer--but now the county is claiming that it has the right to destroy the trees.
This is unacceptable and I am requesting that the entire project be brought back to the Board for a public hearing.

I am also requesting that a moratorium be placed on ALL upzoning and ALL developments in Seminole County until the public can fully participate in county commission meetings (in-person/hybrid meetings)  AND until new COVID standards are determined for accommodating reduced student capacites in school classrooms.  


Dozens of Seminole County residents have contacted me in the past few weeks worried about the decline of their quality of life, the decrease in green spaces and the threat to the water supply and wildlife.  Geneva residents have contacted me about the man made lake to be dredged for a ski lake development DIRECTLY OVER THE GENEVA LENS and vital aquifer. Sanford residents have contacted me about multiple development, gas line explosions and flooding threats in District 5.   Deer Run residents have contacted me about the high density neighborhoods green spaces and development of the golf course. Palm Valley Oviedo residents have contacted me about yet another high density development to be built close to the imperiled Econ River and negatively impacting their quality of life for a 2nd time in less than 5 years. 

Until the public can fully participate in public hearings, the county must enact a moratorium on all zoning changes.
Until the 'new norm' in our schools can be determined, the county must not approve any new developments; as we all know developments negatively impact our schools---
along with our drinking water, flooding frequency, wildlife survival, green spaces and quality of life.   
Because of the COVID RUSH TO RE-ZONE, Seminole County citizens' mental and physical health is also being negatively impacted, which is in direct conflict with the responsibilities of Seminole County Government.

The figurative brakes need to be pumped until the government and citizens can get a true handle of things in this unprecedented time in history. 

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Beary Best Regards,

Katrina R. Shadix, Executive Director
Bear Warriors United
P. O. Box 622621
Oviedo, FL 32762-2621


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