Petition Sokongan kepada Ketua Pengarah KKM Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah

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This petition was initiated as a solidarity and support towards the Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director General of Ministry of Health, Malaysia and all Malaysian Frontliners especially at MOH / KKM. Today, several online portals was reported that a private doctor at KPJ Damansara, Dr. Musa Nordin  accused health authorities in the country of failing to protect medical frontliners battling Covid-19 following reports that some 30 healthcare workers caught the disease in the line of duty. He also reported that The DG and his top officers in the " ivory towers" of Putrajaya, should look into the ground zero.

Some clarifications from Dr Hisham in his daily Media briefing ;

1- The issues that being raised up had been solved earlier.
2- The overwhelming majority of infected health workers did not get infected in the line of duty.
3-  Most of the cases also initially occurred at private hospitals
4- He also said the death of two healthcare workers had nothing to do with being exposed to Covid-19 patients
5-Health ministry was also concerned about measures taken by private hospitals to ward off the spread of the virus.
6- He said his officers had met twice with representatives from private hospitals about the matter and there was no issue of insufficient supply of PPEs. 
7-Many have donated PPEs to the ministry, he said, which was good as it would reduce the ministry’s dependency on importing such material.
8- “We have sufficient supply. Only last week, there was an issue when it came to distribution to other states.It’s a logistics issue. But it has been resolved. So, no problems with stock.”
9- He also said that frontliners were screened for the virus periodically. MOH had complete SOP for health workers.

To add in personally from our fellow Doctors at KKM :

- Health Care Worker Guidelines March 2020 had been established and every health workers fronting this battle should adhere and undergo proper preparation before join on ground. This include preparation of proper PPE and equipments.
- Frontliners will undergo immediate screening if come across any unprecedented event and situation, or having symptom.
- Bilik Gerakan COVID19 also opened 24 hours to support KKM frontliners
- Psychosocial Support also provided for all health workers in this battle

We as concern Malaysian and also concern Netizen, would like to show our support to Datuk Dr Noor Hisham, the Director General of MOH for his endless effort and his team to tackle this issue from the beginning. We understand there might be some issues at the beginning of the battle, and he did very well in coordinating all the team to focus in one common enemy -that Mr Covid19.

Let's together we signed up this petition, to prove our support to our Frontliners, especially at KKM, led by Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah and his team!

Well done sir, keep fighting, Malaysians with U!