Cecil Williamson responds:

Cecil Williamson

Please take down this bogus and fraudulent petition. There are no plans to build or expand a monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest on city owed property in Selma, Alabama. The Forrest monument has been on the same site since 2001.The City never had plans to erect a monument to NBF or to expand the current monument. The NBF monument was not erected by the City and is not owned by the City. The site where the monument sits is owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Well intentioned people are being misled, misinformed and misused by Ms. Fortier and change.org each day this intellectually dishonest petition remains on this site. Cecil Williamson, Member
Selma City Council Selma, Alabama

Posted on February 26, 2014
  • Leon Mann ATLANTA, GA
    • 12 days ago

    I am a native of Selma, Alabama, growing up there at the apex of brutal racism, prejudice and discrimination. I applaud those working to make this KKK statute a relic of the past, by tearing it down and tossing it on the heap of a time when no sane and right thinking human being can celebrate.

  • Dale Reynolds GLENDALE, CA
    • 12 days ago

    So what is the truth? Did Ms. Fortier lie about this, or was she acting on erroneous information? Most of us are willing to believe that some 'Bama city would willingly honor hate-from-the-past, so if this information is not true, then do something positive about racial integration (and religious and sexual as well) so we may change our minds. I would wish these folk in Alabama/Louisiana/Mississippi would live up to their Christian values, which I see distorted daily by the mis-guided.