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Make Lakesides Estates and Butler Road Safe-- Make Necessary Repairs

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Lakeside Estates has a well-known, reported and documented safety issue that is not being resolved. Highway 31 near the entrance of the Lakeside Estates subdivision heavily floods. The flooding is severe and vehicles cannot safely pass to enter or exit the subdivision. The only other possible passage is Butler Road, which connects to Highway 31. However Butler Road is a small, gravel road. It has so many gigantic potholes, it is extremely unsafe.

It is now a frequent occurrence that residents cannot safely leave their homes. Residents risk damage to their vehicles and selves. Plans, including traveling to work, are frequently derailed by the flooding. This is not only an inconvenience for the many residents who call Lakeside Estates and the surrounding areas home, it is potentially disastrous. In the event of an emergency, residents cannot quickly leave and emergency vehicles would likely have difficulty entering the area. This is an extremely unsafe situation. 

We deserve and demand a safe solution. We elected our representatives to listen to our concerns and attempt to resolve them. We pay our taxes and expect safe roads in return. This is a reasonable request. 

To resolve this issue, please do at least one of these things:

  • Repair the potholes and pave Butler Road
  • Repair the section of Highway 31 to prevent flooding
  • Build a new access road 

Either one of these reasonable solutions would resolve this dangerous issue. Please ensure this is resolved. Thank you for your prompt attention to this gravely serious matter.

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