Pay the self employed SEISS before late April!

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Whilst the employed workers unable to work are consistently receiving up to 80% of their income from furlough, the self employed have been treated terribly.

Our businesses have been forced to close since December, and we have not received a grant since November! This means that by the opening date of the 4th SEISS (30th April) we would have gone over 5 months with no help. How is this fair? 

Please sign my petition to change this, and potentially save the lives of those that rely on these grants to survive! 

Sole traders that have shut their little business and listened to the rules are almost being punished for it.

We live in a country that likes to boast of great mental health facilities and sticking together but right now things could not be any further from that! The stress this has put on people will no doubt cause tragedy and if I have a chance to change that I am taking it!