Revitalize the Topsfield Village Shopping Centre: Ask Selectmen to Form a Study Committee

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It's time. The Topsfield Village Shopping Centre has been in a sorry state of disrepair and neglect for many years, yet it's the centerpiece of our beautiful town.  Centre owner and Danvers resident Peter Flomp applies band-aid fixes to ongoing issues such as large potholes and recurrent flooding in the parking lot, roof leaks in many of the businesses, lack of hot running water and toilet/septic backups in some businesses, standing water in dumpsters behind the Centre, and much more.

Adding insult to injury, three years ago, Flomp placed concrete Jersey barriers at the entrance and exit to the Centre, thereby blocking off parking spaces in "his" lot, which he felt Main Street businesses and customers were using.

While we fully support and stand by the valiant business owners in the Centre, the entire complex needs help. To that end, a resident-based group called Topsfield Village Love is asking that the Board of Selectmen appoint a study committee to investigate ways to revitalize the Topsfield Village Shopping Centre. Join us? After all, #ItsTime. #TopsfieldVillageLove