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Save our kids. Stop Shrewsbury Styrofoam NOW!

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We, the students of Shrewsbury Public Schools and others, urge the administration to restrict the use of styrofoam in our town. In the past, Shrewsbury has been a role model for other towns in Massachusetts by running an efficient school system and becoming one of the first towns to ban plastic bags in the state. Now, Shrewsbury has the opportunity of leading the next movement of restricting styrofoam usage in our town.

I would request the administration to seriously consider banning styrofoam for the following reasons.

  1. Major Health Hazard – The National Institute of Health (NIH) has classified styrene, a synthetic chemical found in Styrofoam, as dangerous to health, leading to serious health conditions.
  2. Not Biodegradable – Styrofoam stays forever and is a major component of our trash. New England is running out of landfills and it will become increasingly difficult to find locations to put our trash. Banning styrofoam will reduce our trash significantly, which will only help us in the future.
  3. Cost Savings – Contrary to popular belief, our town could save money by switching to paper alternatives in our schools. According to a study conducted by Clean Water Action in California in 2012, we would be able to reduce food tray costs by 30% simply by switching to paper plates. Paper is better for our kids, better for the environment, and cheaper!

All of the above factors should lead us, as a town, to take action to eliminate all styrofoam from Shrewsbury. 29 towns in Massachusetts have already restricted styrofoam use. Let's be the 30th!



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