Counter-Petition to the Town of Barrington NH

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Henry Goodwin
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Counter-Petition to the Select Board of Barrington, NH
Whereas the people of Barrington have equal rights of property and
Whereas the enjoyment of their property is dependent upon their freedom to engage in the legal activities which they so choose
Whereas the rights of the people to use their property as they so choose are protected by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of New Hampshire
Whereas the rural nature of the town fosters a culture of outdoor pursuits and sportsmanship
Whereas the use of firearms is essential to outdoor recreation, hunting and the shooting sports
Whereas the SELT properties allow and encourage the use of the land for all users and all pursuits, including hunting with firearms
Whereas there is no history of significant noise issues in the town of Barrington
Whereas there is no evidence of legal firearm use causing a risk to public safety
Whereas the population of Barrington has been steadily increasing as the town thrives and people seek a rural lifestyle in which they can pursue the activities of their choosing
Then be it resolved:
The noise statute in the town of Barrington is effective in resolving situations which may arise in the future
Current regulations concerning the use of firearms in the town strike the right balance between public safety and property rights
Current state law and civil liability already prevent the unlawful, irresponsible or otherwise dangerous use of firearms anywhere in the state
We the voters and users of SELT public lands hereby request action of the Select Board to:
Reaffirm the equal rights of property owners in the town of Barrington, including their right to pursue outdoor activities and sporting activities which include the use of firearms
Acknowledge the primacy and preemption of New Hampshire state law in regulating the use of firearms