Prevent the Transfer of Ms.Stokke

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Ms.Stokke is an educator of the Sciences at CLC in Lorette. There is a chance she may be transferred to a different school. 

This action will affect the community, the student body, parents, and Ms.Stokke!

If transferred Ms. Stokke will leave an gap in the teaching staff at the school. She has seen many students through the sciences and maths  but also high-school life (which can be the hardest part!) 

My daughter occasionally sits in her class even though she doesn’t take them. She does this just to be in a room where education flourishes and because it is a safe place. 

A pending transfer also affect her In ways we can’t imagine!  Having taught at CLC for over 20 years, Ms. Stokke has made CLC her home and the students part of her school family. 

I hope we as parents and as a community can come together and be loud so our division hears us. I hope that they hear us saying we want Ms. Stokke in our school to educate and be a role model for our children. 

Sign my petition to show Ms. Stokke that we appreciate all of her knowledge, we value her skills, and we want her educating our future. 


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