Remove the Monument To Confederate Racist John Ireland in Downtown Seguin

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We must remove the monument to the racist, traitor to the United States, and Confederate Soldier John Ireland, from downtown Seguin. Ireland held offices such as Mayor of Seguin and Governor of Texas. He is a stain on the soul of our great city and state.

A firm believer in slavery, Ireland campaigned for greater efforts to reclaim slaves who had run away to freedom in Mexico. He was an ardent secessionist and served as a delegate of Seguin to the 1861 Secession Convention. He enlisted in the Confederate States Army as a private and eventually worked his way through the ranks to that of lieutenant colonel. Throughout the Civil War, Ireland was stationed within the Texas borders, patrolling along the Rio Grande border and along the Gulf Coast, where he was stationed at the civil war's end in 1865.

Following the war, Ireland participated in the Reconstruction Convention of 1866 and was soon elected judge of the Seguin District. He was removed from his position the following year for his roles in the Confederacy by Republicans that seized power.

We cannot allow history to be rewritten by Confederate Apologists. Ireland was not a good man and has absolutely no right to be honored in the way he is downtown in Seguin, TX.