Uncensor Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE with all the content for Encore version

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Corey Smith
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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a Wii U video game that was released with poor marketing and sales due to non-Japanese versions of the game being released as a censored version with content removed and a dungeon in the game completely redesigned for the censorship. With the Nintendo Switch's console sales, it has given TMS#FE a second chance at success by being released as TMS#FE: Encore. There are many fans including myself that immediately wanted to purchase the game, but after confirmation of the game being censored and no option for an uncensored version like the Wii U release, many are not going to buy the game.

Please Sega, you can do something about this as you own Atlus. You can have them release the game uncensored like the Japanese Wii U release. Nintendo has stated that they will not interfere in the third party process of dictating game content or censorship. Please note that there are many people like myself that will purchase the game if you do this, some that will even buy multiple copies if you do this. I'm coming to you for help as a fan and supporter of Sega for over twenty years. I've supported Atlus and been a fan of them since the Sega Saturn going back to Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers. You would receive a lot of positive feedback from legit customers by deciding to make this change to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE : Encore, and that would increase your sales for the game, making it a success. You're not bound to the same limitations of creative freedom that you are with a Sony platform, so why not make the most of that? You'd establish more trust with not only the Sega name, but also with the Atlus name. Establishing trust is good for business, so let's start now.