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Include Fat Options for Custom Characters in Future Sonic Games

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On May 16th, 2017 it was announced that the video game Sonic Forces would include a custom hero feature that would allow players to create and customize their own hero as a third playable character in the Sonic Team-developed title, sparking great enthusiasm for the new title from people who wanted to join Sonic on an adventure or allow a character or a friend of theirs to do so in their place.

The issue? When released, these custom heroes were only allowed to be thin.

By erasing fat heroes, Sonic Forces refuses to truly let players--that is, fat players--join the resistance, as the game's tagline instructs - fatally damaging the game's theme of saving the world with "the bond between Sonic and you" by failing to accurately represent a large portion of players to an extent beyond making a 'skinny version' of themselves.

Why was this the case? In an interview ahead of the release of Sonic Forces, Takashi Iizuka revealed that this decision was made due to the majority of the fan-art featuring original characters they received being of characters whose bodies resembled the thinner heroes of the series.

This, of course, is the product of Sonic Team having done a lackluster job of including fat characters in the series - it's simply unfair to say that this is merely what the fans wanted when the fans were already influenced by the cast of characters that Sonic Team has created, who they had already decided could be a hero, what a hero could look like.

Making this change and including these options will not undo the decades of exclusion and failure to represent heroes of these body types, but that's no excuse to continue it either. If they intend to continue featuring 'custom' heroes and ask players to join Sonic and save the world, we ask that Sega/Sonic Team give players fat options for their custom heroes.

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