Sonic Team: Hire YouTuber and Sonic Infinity fan engine creator, Oban

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In 2017, Sonic Mania was released to critical acclaim. Developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, previously known as Stealth, and Pagoda West Games, all people who were originally fans of the franchise, they have proven that fans of the blue blur seem to be more competent in understanding Sonic, and the core concept of his games, than Sonic Team.

Later the same year, Sonic Forces, developed by the team who created Colors and Generations, released to critical panning, as it lacked elements present in Unleashed, Generations and Colors, having marketing that bordered on false advertising, and a lackluster story that lacked emotion, coherence, and good reasoning for the existence of various elements present in the game, such as the existence of Classic Sonic, Chaos, and the main antagonist, Infinite.

Even since before the release of Sonic Forces, fans have been calling for more games to be developed by fans of the series, and after the failure of Sonic Forces, there is no reason for them to not heed these calls, as it will prove to be financially successful for Sega, selling more copies, and will please the fans, improving their public relations with the fanbase and the industry as a whole. And after the failure of Sonic Forces, many fans feel like it's time for Sega to let the fans have an attempt at making a game in the style of Forces, Generations and Unleashed.

And personally, I would like to suggest that Sega hire Youtuber Ōban, the creator of the Sonic Infinity//無限 Engine, to work on such a game.
Sonic Infinity//無限 Engine is a game engine created using the Unreal Engine 4, meant to imitate the feel of games such as Generations and Unleashed, whilst modifying it in a way that it creates the potential to have level design akin to games like Adventure 1 and 2, where the levels are a little bit spacier and give the player room to explore a bit, rather than being put on a straight, usually single, path.

This choice would benefit both the fans and Sega, as the game itself would likely be better if created with the same care and passion that's been put into Sonic Mania, therefore selling more copies. Due to hiring fans to create games, this improves public relations with the fanbase, but will also potentially draw the attention of other gamers, due to the rare trait of being developed by fans, potentially selling even more than an excellent game created by simply Sonic Team alone.

At this point, many fans feel there is no excuse to not hire more fans to develop games in the franchise. Doing so would prove profitable to Sega by improving public relations, selling more copies, and drawing in newer players due to the game being developed by fans of the series.