Sonic Adventure deserves a REMAKE

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Hear us out, Sega. With over 25 years of Sonic, it's never better the time to relive the dream, the adventure!

As one of the main driving force of Sega's swan song console, Sonic Adventure marked our beloved hedgehog's big jump to all-new 3D. Fans who enjoyed the Genesis/Mega Drive titles saw Sonic and co. in a whole new light, brimmed with personality and excitement. It was a great time to embrace a cool, edgy pincushion with a passion for an all-new *ahem*... adventure.

"Long time no see!"

Packed with stages from loop-de-loop highways to lush locales heavily inspired by the Americas, the original Sonic Team stepped up their game in packing the game up full. With up to six playable characters and an interconnecting storyline to boot, each character offers new ideas for every Action Stage. Whether it's full-on speed as Sonic or fishing as Big, the game's got it all! Certainly, who could forget the soundtrack? From the title screen alone, the game has been hinting an adventure like never before from the very start.

"Ha ha ha ha! If it isn't Sonic!"

Sonic Adventure was once a hallmark of technical achievement demonstrating the capability of rendering vast environments at a speedy pace as well as the water effects possible on the Dreamcast. The game's homage in Sonic Generations further shows an untapped potential of reimagining the game on modern hardware, possibly reaching closer to the goal that the original team has once envisioned.

"We must save Froggy!"

20 years have passed since then. The Sonic franchise has amassed a... reasonable amount of friends with each new instalment. Time has shown that maintaining continuity has been in the backburner for a while, so things are bound to be confusing for newcomers and old fans seeking to return to the franchise. New and old fans alike deserve to re-experience a time when the Sonic series started taking off with full-on 3D. Aside from redefining the looks for the new generation, this would be an opportunity to properly re-establish what Sonic is all about.

"Hope you know what you're doing!"

Ultimately, our greatest wish is for a faithful recreation of Sonic Adventure for modern platforms. Such things that we think will make it happen include:
- stepping up the visuals and cinematic production
- retaining (or even reimagining) the soundtrack, preferably have Crush 40 make a return!
- streamlining each character's story arc to further improve cohesiveness
- retain gameplay elements as faithful to the original, but bring in quality of life improvements (eg. omitting the lives system) for the modern generation
- voice actors... they could do a good sprucing up, it would be wonderful to have the original cast return with better voice direction...

...and possibly more. We would be more than happy if you can fulfil our wish, Sega. Please don't let us down!

Thank you.

This petition was originally created shortly after Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 were unveiled. This current iteration was created shortly after the teaser poster was shown for the upcoming Sonic movie.