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Sega, Please Release The Sonic Mania Demo On Digital Media

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As everyone already knows, this year is Sonic’s 25th anniversary. While the beginning of the year was quiet the second half exploded with several events and announcements including the release of two brand new games, Sonic Mania and Project 2017. While Project 2017 has gotten a modest amount of attention most people’s focus has been on Sonic Mania a brand new Sonic game made in the style of the classic games. Everywhere across the world and on the internet met the announcement of the game with overwhelming excitement. Like 2011’s “Sonic Generations” this game would celebrate the Classic Sonic games and formula that made the franchise so beloved in the first place.

Everything would be perfect for an anniversary if the game wasn’t being released next year.

The game not being released until 2017 is not a problem necessarily, as it’s proof of Sega’s dedication to quality over keeping release dates, it is still unfortunate many of us who wanted an anniversary game this year. The Sonic fandom is large and varied all connected by our love of a blue hedgehog who can run at the speed of sound and new games always bring all the different factions together.

Again, while we all are quite understanding about the game not releasing this year, as we have seen at several events such as the 25th Anniversary Party and PAX, the game is at least finished in enough capacity that a fully functioning 2 stage demo is complete. We are asking you to please release that demo on PSN and Xbox Marketplace.

There are many Sonic fans who love this franchise more than anything in the world. Fans who watch the shows, read the comics, even listen to the music while they work or clean the house. They love the franchise just as much and should be given the chance to play the demo of what could be one of the series’ Magnum Opus’. It is not fair that they can’t enjoy the game at all until next year because they can’t afford to make it to an event. Releasing the already completed demo on digital media would also give us a chance to celebrate Sonic’s 25th anniversary with new main series content that can reconnect the fandom as every game of this capacity does. It could also give the game even more goodwill than it currently has.

You have set precedence for doing this releasing the demo for Generations nearly 4 months before the game came out for the reasons that are being stated now. Allowing us to play a bit of it and excite us with it could increase preorders of the special edition and maybe even the main game when it’s finally listed online.

Sonic Mania is looking to be the franchise at it’s best and while everyone is fine waiting for it’s release it’s not fair that a two stage demo is completed but not being allowed to be played by everyone who is a Sonic fan. We implore you to release it and allow us all to celebrate Sonic’s 25th with new main series content which is something that always brings the fandom together and excites the minds and imaginations of people all over the world.

Thank you.

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