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Make Sonic R what it Should Have Been.

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Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this petition.

My Name Is Clifford, and i am a profound fan of SEGA and The many games and consoles they have made over the last few years, Including classics like Sonic The Hedgehog. The 'Blue Blur' Has made a great name for himself over the years, being the star in many games, a few t.v. shows, and multiple comic series. Sonic has been a Legend in the eyes of many people for years, including people who don't like the SEGA brand. due to his success, Sonic has become a Great Staple in the History of Gaming, Rivaling the Likes of Mario, Who had been Uncontested for the decades Prior. That aside, Sonic has has many games, some gems, some not-so-shiny Rocks, and Many good games between, and There is one that particularly stood out to me- Sonic R. Sonic R was not praised by most as a Great Game, or at least it wasn't until more recently, but it was a great step for sonic into the 3D Era, and all together, it was a great game. The steering was harsh, sure and the game was hard, but the game was still fun for most, and the concept of Sonic, the Fastest thing alive in a racing game fits wonderfully. The music was good too, though some of it did not fit the 'Sonic' Vibe that gamer's for the most part expected. Anyways, besides this critique, the game was great, but still the game could have been better, and expanded upon in a sequel or remake in the future. Unfortunately, instead came Sonic Racing Transformed, which, Yes i know, many people like, but personally, i, and i'm sure others, felt like this game derived from the influential thing about sonic- He Is the fastest thing alive, willing to do anything to stop egg-man and save his friends, and most importantly HE WOULD NOT RIDE IN A CAR. Sorry, but that just irks me, that SONIC would be put in a car, when he most likely could run faster anyway. It Kills me, and i am sure i'm not the only one.

Well, Here's what i present: an idea, that if you accept(SEGA), will prove to be a great game, and a True Sonic Racing game. I suggest a remake of Sonic R, in which the Characters all Actually run in open world stages, like in the Original Sonic R, But with improved controls, and even a main plot added to give the game depth. The game doesn't have to copy Mario-cart and change a few things to be successful. If you do this SEGA, You Will have not only made a Great Sonic game, AND a Great Racing game, But you would have made one like none-else -  An open-world racing game involving sonic, with a plot, Which is Uncommon for Games that are Not Primarily Racing to start with- It would be the one of the first steps, with your current efforts, toward making sonic amazing again, and Bring a Great idea the Game it utterly Deserves.

And after all of this, thank you all for listening.

And thank you SEGA, For your hard work.



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