Last Stand Mode for Dawn of War 3

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Maximilian Wellensiek
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"In times of doubt - i shall keep faith"

2 years after the launch of Dawn of War 3 the player base is nearly non-existent. There are more people playing DoW1 and 2 then DoW3. One major reason for that is the absence of an "Last Stand Mode" like DoW2 had. The game is focused on hero based gameplay and no i'm not talking about "MOBA" - DoW3 was closer to WC3 like gameplay then any MOBA.

For anyone who is not interested in doing PvAI or PVP, DoW3 has nothing really left besides custom maps - which are rare because of the clunky and difficult map maker we can use.

The first and easy step to bring some players back is to give us an "Last Stand Mode" to have something to do as a non skirmish player. The impact is easy to foresee: DoW2: Retribution player base

So please Relic and/or SEGA - don't let us W40k fans down. With your knowledge and skill, i would assume it's not a too big think to do for the loyal fans. W40k is no CoD or FIFA - but the fans are loyal and thankful about a good game. Just look at DoW1/DoW2 and the daily active users.


To the community - keep it civil and spread the word. We are all fans of this series and even if you might be angry about what happened. It's no excuse for hatred.