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SEGA Humble Weekly Bundle

success, OR

Mar 15, 2014 —

Heads up SEGA PC fans! SEGA's doing a Humble Weekly Bundle, name your price for 4 games: Company of Heroes, Alpha Protocol, Hell Yeah! and Rome: Total War (worth noting Company of Heroes and Rome: Total War are the highest rated RTS games of all time & Alpha Protocol is a kickass Obsidian Spy-based WRPG). If you pay more than $5.99 you will also get the excellent Binary Domain, Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Renegade Ops (by Avalanche, best known for Just Cause 2), 10 classic SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games and Medieval II: Total War.

Pay more than $14.99 and you'll get everything + Shogun 2: Total War (which is my favorite Total War game)!

It's a super great deal, filled with some of the best games ever. No joke!