Credit Brian Matt Uhl & all other narrators in the Super Monkey Ball games.

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In the first Super Monkey Ball games, the narrators of the games, which said out the selections of the player and guided them through the levels, were completely uncredited in the voice actors section of the credits. In the first game, only the voice actors doing the grunts and noises of the monkeys were credited, while in the second, Patrick Harlan was credited for his work as Dr. Bad-Boon, as well as the monkey voice actors like before. The narrators however, arguably the most iconic voices in the game, were missing in both of the games' credits, as well as in all other appearances of rereleases, spin-offs and more.

Only through great detective work of the YouTuber Nick Robinson was the English narrator able to be identified as Brian Matt Uhl, while the narrators of all the other languages are still unknown.

This is absolutely unacceptable. The voicework of the narrators of Super Monkey Ball, lines beloved by so many people around the globe, should be fully credited in all of their appearances, be it re-releases, ports or any other form of media they appeared in - Also retroactively wherever possible. These names should be known and celebrated around the world, the voice actors should appear at panels at ComicCon like the narrator of Super Smash Bros., not fall into obscurity.

By signing this petition, you too want to send a message to SEGA that not crediting Brian Matt Uhl and all the other narrators of the Super Monkey Ball games is not okay and that they have both the legal and moral obligation to credit all of their voice actors in their games, both retroactively and in the future. The names of the narrators need to be known and they need to get compensated for their talent, and they rightfully deserve to be celebrated for touching all of our hearts growing up, playing one of the finest games in the early 2000s.

SEGA must credit Brian Matt Uhl and all the other narrators in the Super Monkey Ball games, in all future games of the series and retroactively in all titles they appeared in.