Remove the Southport Queens Road restrictions

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Closing Queens Road to everyone except buses and cycles is absurd. The road has hotels, private houses and flats as well as a long established family run car dealership. It will add time to a large percentage of local peoples journey, make the side access roads onto Queens Road far busier which means people have to travel further using more fuel and thus damaging the enviroment, not to mention the fact that it will put visitors off visiting the town centre. Taxis will have to make detours to access residencies on Queens Road.There was no consultation with local residents or businesses, apparently our local councillors knew nothing about it until it had been approved. Local residents cannot park outside their own property,  the car showroom and other shops will not get any passing trade. As a family run car dealership that has been here since just after the second world war, providing transport for generations of local families, we are disgusted that this has been done without any dialogue with local people as it affects our lives and livelyhoods. We are all in favour of cycle lanes but to close the road to all but buses and cycles is absolutely ridiculous. Please help us to petition Sefton MBC to rethink!!