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Traffic calming measures need to be installed on Dodds/Moss Lane to prevent accidents!

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As many in the local community may or may not know yesterday my Grandad, Ronnie the lollipop man was ran over by a car on his crossing outside Northway Primary School yesterday morning, where Dodds Lane and Moss Lane meet. This bend and junction is an extremely dangerous area of road which was has led to many near misses over the years. A 20 mile per hour speed limit was introduced two years ago. However, many motorists still ignore the fact that this is a dangerous junction and bend and continue to break the speed limit by going up to 40 miles per hour in a 20 zone which is directly outside the school. Luckily the incident occurred at 8am before many of the children were there but it could just of easily been one of them.

After the stress and panic of these last few days I am asking that people sign this petition so that Sefton Council introduce traffic calming measures outside the school to ensure the safety of not only the children but everybody in our community! I hope that in the near future the council will act on this to prevent further accidents which could lead to a fatality on such an awkward stretch of road. 

We teach children the rules of the road in our schools to be good pedestrians, adults also need to remember that driving on the road brings responsibility and that means sticking to speed limits it could be the difference between life or death. If you hit someone at 20 miles per hour there is a 90% chance they will live, hit them at 40 miles per hour and there is a 10% chance they will survive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Ronnie is on the mend in hospital he had a hip replacement on Friday 23rd September the day after the accident. He also has a broken pubic bone, multiple bruises and fractures and a bad cut to his head which required stitches. On Monday 26th September once the swelling had subsided somewhat we found out he also has a broken ankle which will require further surgery. Thank you for everyones kind thoughts it is lovely to know he is so well loved by all! 

If everyone could please take a minute of their time to sign the petition so no other person has to suffer or lose their life on this road because of the selfishness of some motorists who do not adhere to the rules of the road. Thank you.


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