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Help Get My Brother Back to Full Time Education

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Unlike most children his age, my autistic 15 year old brother, Martin, loves school; he loves history and has a massive passion for trains and archaeology. He wants to be an archaeologist when he is older. For the past eight years he’s been going from my grandparent’s house to Marjory Kinnion School, a specialist school for children with autism and other learning difficulties, by transport provided by the council. Until this year that is.

This summer my grandparents got a letter through the post saying he was no longer eligible for transport. They called the council and tried desperately to get him back on the school bus but they said he couldn’t have it because my Grandparents or his Mum could take him and there is no space on the bus. This is despite my mum having learning difficulties and epilepsy and my grandparents suffering from health problems – both of them in their late 60s/early70s have arthritis and although my Nan can drive this would put strain on her already fragile health.

Hounslow council are building a new civic centre – despite the current one only recently being revamped. It is appalling that they can afford to spend millions of pound on a new workplace for themselves and homes for them to live in but they can’t spend a bit of money to help my brother get to school every day. In fact my Grandad had to go to a meeting to appeal the council’s decision and whilst he was there a party was happening to celebrate the new civic centre – talk about rubbing our noses in it.  Not to mention we lost the appeal.

Martin is now receiving travel training, after missing more than two and a half months of school, by the council but this is only happening on Monday, Tuesday and Friday – He is still missing two days of school a week (not including school holidays) and the training will stop altogether in February. I worry about what will happen when the time comes for him to go to school on his own. I really don’t think he will be ready.

The council told my Grandad that there is no space on the school bus. However a bus assistant who has been taking Martin to school every day for the past few years, and took me to school in my early years of high school, has recently told my Grandparents that the school bus that goes up and down their road every school morning is half empty - there is plenty of room on the bus for Martin!!

Almost every other child in his year and his school get the school bus to school every day – so why not him. Why are they excluding him?

Martin is now being advised to do an extra year of school next year. Unfortunately he won't be able to stay at Marjory Kinnon because they don't has a sixth form. This means he will have to move to a new, unfamiliar school; which can be very distressing for people with autism.

So I am asking you to please give up five minutes of your time and help my brother get to school.

Thank you.

Isabel Adlam


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