seeking support to form medical policy aid in the case of Kidney Failure diseases

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I, Vinay Guliani (33), a resident of Haryana, would like to draw your kind attention to an issue of utmost importance. I attained my Engineering degree from Kurukshetra University (Haryana) in 2007 and started working. Soon after I achieved a steady career growth, I decided to settle down and got married in 2014. However, within six month of my marriage, i.e. in January 2015, I was diagnosed with kidney failure as both my kidneys were rendered ineffective. As an aspiring professional, it was a huge setback for me as my medical condition threatened to jeopardize my career as well as personal life. I subsequently lost my job as the organization (a foreign multi-national company) deemed me unfit to continue working with them.

 In April, 2015, I underwent a kidney transplant operation in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. I must mention that it was my mother who decided to be a donor in the procedure. After the operation, our trials seemed to be nearing an end as I looked to revive my life. But the joy didn’t last long as I was again diagnosed with the failure of kidney transplant in less than two years, i.e. 2017. Since then, I have been on dialysis and continue to undergo the treatment at the time of writing this letter to you. It is an expensive treatment and costs Rs. 2,300 for every session. As I have to go through it twice a week, the monthly expenses on my treatment (including medication) vary between Rs.20, 000- Rs.25, 000. As a person who has no stable source of income anymore, how am I supposed to replenish the expenditure incurred on treatment? My father, a retired government employee from ministry of finance, has been battling a lone fight with his scanty savings and retirement funds to sustain his son’s life.      

 However, it is not to ask for any individual financial assistance that I write to you. I wish to seek your help to protect my constitutional right of an individual’s life, health and well-being through the role of state’s intervention in the form of medical policies and legal structures. My exploration of the existing medical aid framework in the country informs me that the current government policies in medical insurance are negatively biased for the condition of Kidney Failure and there is no support system for subsequent expenditure of its treatment. Though for low income group, the government does provide ESI services. But it’s only after a period of two years that the policy starts covering the Dialysis costs. The biggest lacuna is that the policy fails to address the cases of those who lost their jobs and do not have a source of income anymore. No organization, government or private, is willing to accept a person with a Kidney failure problem as an employee? And if there are none, are there any efforts to channel people like us in the mainstream of nation building again? As a person who dutifully paid his taxes as long as he worked, I feel depressed, to say the least, to find no source of aid in any possible way.

 After a series of rejections and failures at different organizations, I have recently found some work that pays me Rs.6000 a month. The income hardly suffices for my family and my treatment costs. I would like to reiterate that I am not seeking individual financial aid and hope that the concerned authorities will address my grievance and start investigating the existing medical policies to help the needy. To be sidelined from the social strata due to a physical ailment is an exhausting position to be in. The person who goes through it is pushed on the periphery of society.

 I believe that the esteemed authorities in charge of upholding the constitutional ideals are committed to the welfare of citizens and thus, my plea will not go unnoticed. I remain hopeful in my requests and in anticipation of your response.


Vinay Guliani 

Residence: 17/473, Dharampura, Bahadurgarh, Haryana - 124507

Contact: 09990263909