A Call for Assistance to Liberate Earth from Reptilian Oppression and Corrupt Governments

A Call for Assistance to Liberate Earth from Reptilian Oppression and Corrupt Governments

July 23, 2023
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Started by Gregory Ciekawy

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With humble hearts, we, the people of Earth, humbly seek your aid in a time of dire need. Our once-thriving world now suffers under the shadows of malevolent reptilian beings and corrupted governments, threatening the very fabric of our existence.

From the depths of secrecy, the reptilian infiltrators have skillfully concealed their presence, infiltrating the highest echelons of power on our planet. Their shape-shifting abilities have enabled them to sow discord among nations, pitting us against each other in needless conflicts. We beseech your expertise in revealing and neutralizing these hostile entities, restoring peace and unity to our beleaguered world.

Compounding our woes, a once-virtuous government has succumbed to the allures of corruption and greed. Its leaders, blinded by power, have lost sight of their responsibility to serve the greater good. This corruption has led to the suffering of the innocent, leaving our societies in disarray. We seek your wisdom to guide us in purging the taint of corruption and ushering in an era of transparent governance that prioritizes the welfare of all.

We understand the principles of non-interference and respect the sovereignty of each civilization. Our plea is not one of reliance on others but a desire for collaboration—a chance to grow, learn, and contribute to the grand tapestry of the galactic community. We recognize that true progress requires self-discovery, but we stand before you with open hearts, eager to embrace the wisdom you may offer.

In unity, we strive to safeguard our planet, to honor its precious ecosystems, and to foster a world where compassion and understanding flourish. We long for a future where all beings, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, can coexist harmoniously, united by the pursuit of knowledge and shared prosperity.

With profound hope and gratitude, we extend this call for assistance, knowing that together, we can transcend the darkness that threatens to engulf us.

In unity and hope,

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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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