Seeking government intervention Re:Leon Bailey and Kyle Butler playing for Jamaica. 

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Seeking government intervention Re:Leon Bailey and Kyle Butler playing for Jamaica. 

Many of us sporting fans rather  no government intervention with regard to sports .Some circumstances are so extreme ,that only government intervention is the only solution . 

Few days ago ,all major newspapers in the UK reported that Chelsea and Barcelona have  renewed their interests in  Leon Bailey .  All eyeing to sign the Jamaican-born and Bayer Leverkusen winger  for the January  transfer window  . Therefore time is running out on Leon  chance of playing for Jamaica.Commonsense dictates  that once he's sign to any of those teams, Belgium will  try to cap him immediately .The youngman heart is with Jamaica but circumtances are beyond him . 

In life we have two sides of a story sometimes it needs a third side. What is  stopping Leon Bailey from playing for Jamaica ? Craig Butlers wants both his sons to for Jamaica .While the Jamaica Football Federation is wants only one .Craig Butler wants to be the director of football while the JFF says he should apply  for the job like everyone else .

Public opinion Re :Craig Butler and JFF saga

Persons supporting the JFF stance - The JFF only knows the quality of  Leon Bailey not Kyle Butler .Why should a coach pick a player of unknown,  because of word-a-mouth and videos ? What  message will  the JFF be sending by selecting a player of unknown ? Also why should Craig Butler be given the job as director of football without applying for it ? 

Persons supporting the  Craig Butler stance -Craig Butler have been telling the public that Leon Bailey wasn't an ordinary player while many were saying he's an ordinary player .He has proven them all wrong .So why not take his word now when he says Kyle Butler ain't an ordinary player? The can-of-worms is  already open when the JFF ran to the england and select players because of word a mouth ,clips or  seeing them in one live match. They even went recruited players lower then the English Championship to play for Jamaica .Why not do the same for the  Jamaican born Kyle Butler  ? The argument by the JFF that the player is an unknown is very surprising.In this age of technology the Maltese Premier League can be watched. Kyle Butler according to his father is a midfield player maestro .He currently plays in Maltese Premier League for a club name St Andrew's FC .Ain't Jamaica's football short on players like Kyles's ? 
Many say Craig Butler is  qualify because he has oversea the selling of many phoenix players and he has the resources to take Jamaica football to another level .They also argued that the JFF will never look at Mr Butler application for the job.


My humbled opinion is that bargaining wise Craig Butler have the upper hand .But he can't have get all demands .Therefore its either :Option one-Leon Bailey and Kyle Butler play for Jamaica .Option two-Leon Bailey plays for Jamaica and he gets the football director job .  Option too is unrealistic for now . If Butler sells two more phoenix players to  two big clubs even the JFF will say he's the man for the director of football role .  

We the people hereby demand that the government of Jamaica to step in as mediators  between the Jamaica Football Federation ,President Michael Ricketts and the Phoenix Academy  president ,manager and father of Leon Bailey and Kyle Butler .  

We the people can't afford Leon Bailey or Kyle Butler to end up like their fellow countryman Raheem Sterling .

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