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Get Samsa ( to drop his unreleased track entitled "See You Soon".

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A seven-minute emotional ballad curling around the relationship between Sean and the mysterious beau only known as "Kate". See You Soon was played once in an Instagram live stream on February 3rd, after Samsa hit 5k. This accidental reveal of the covered up melody has brought me to here, questing for its release from the cold grips of the cutting room for the floor.

SUPPORTERS (with relative influence, but you're all beautiful)

Chris Wright, (Member of OffTheJump, a production group on Soundcloud with over 650 followers, with members having a collective 8,000 followers)

KILL BILL THE RAPPER (A rapper with over 8,200 Soundcloud followers, and a member of a rap collective (EXOrdium Music, with over 500 followers and the members having 16.7k followers on Soundcloud alone)

Jay Squared (A soundcloud artist with over 6k followers)

Bennie Lee (A phenomenal artist and husbando of the father Patrick (Atlas))

Disclaimer: This petition is NOT to make Sean (Samsa) look like the enemy or the bad guy. This is NOT to force his hand either. This more to show how much we as a community love him and his art.

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