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NO Tyson Sedgwick County

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This petition is intended to reject the offer made by all five Sedgwick County Commisioners to invite Tyson to our county and city. 

Concerns regarding this plant to be built in our area include but are not limited to: 

Odor in a very windy area. 

Pollution to air land and waterways. 

Increased water consumption for use at the plant that could strain our system, drain our lakes and pollute our easily penetrated water table. The same water table many county residents use via personal wells to water gardens, lawns, and fill their pools. 

Traffic issues to and from facilities. 

Low wage low skill jobs keeping thousands of families in poverty. 

Teribble safety and quality of work ratings found at other facilities owned/operated by Tyson. 

Increased local financial burden on county and city services such as community health clinics, school lunches, rent assistance, women’s health clinics, daycare assistance programs, English as second language programs, as well as many other programs. 

Incentive programs to Tyson that do not provide a return to the county and city equal to or greater than the tax cuts offered 

Animal rights concerns. 

Damage to local reputation and continued workforce quality decline leading to other industries and companies NOT even considering our county for future projects. 

This is a brief and very basic list of concerns that come with Tyson plants. 

The voters of Sedgwick County call on our commissioners to rescind the invitation put forward. We ask they not even consider this project for our area. Instead they should focus on joining with other national employers and industries to provide education, training and partnerships to county residents to encourage skilled manufacturing, technology jobs, and those with good community impacts to move to our area. 

I reached out to Mayor Longwell and while the decision is out of his hands his response was - 

“I don’t have enough information yet to know if the incentives are too much. Typically when Wichita offers anything we require a 1.3 to 1 return on our investment. I don’t believe the County has that same policy? 

I am not opposed to the lower paying jobs because we have a very diverse population that requires a variety of skill levels and positions for people to find productive work. I wouldn’t encourage much incentives for them but we still have unemployed that would fit this job classification.

I appreciate your willingness to fight for our community.” 

Other communties have rejected Tyson and we can too. 

Join Facebook group No Tyson in Sedgwick County for continued updates and events. 

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