Help Protect a Small Rural Village from Mass Development & Keep the Countryside Green

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Help Protect a Small Rural Village from Mass Development & Keep the Countryside Green

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Bob Forgan started this petition to Sedgemoor District Council and

The character of a village steeped in history, and important areas of surrounding green open fields, is under threat.

Combwich is a small village within the parish of Otterhampton in rural Somerset. In the past it was a small trading port and an ancient ferry crossing, bounded on one side by the River Parrett and surrounded on the other 3 sides by agricultural land and open fields. 

Land Promotion Group Ltd ( a Company with no connection to the area which works on a 'no win, no fee basis' (and boasts of how they can reduce the percentage of affordable housing that should be included in developments, in  order to maximise landowner funds!) now wants to change the character of the village and surrounding countryside with a planning application for a major housing development which, if granted, will have a dramatically negative impact on the village, its surroundings and local wildlife.

The initial application is for 60 homes on 3 hectares of agricultural land, but over 8 hectares have been identified with a potential yield of 165 units. Either number would be a major increase for a small village of only around 320 homes that already has flooding and parking issues. 

If outline permission is granted, who knows where it will end and how many more hectares of open countryside will be lost? 

The land in question is actually OUTSIDE the village settlement boundary.

There have been huge urban developments in nearby towns such as Bridgwater and Taunton, which more than cater for housing needs in an area which has limited employment opportunities. So, the need to change the countryside and a small rural community like this surely cannot be justified.

 This petition can only help in the task of making Sedgemoor District Council and the local MP aware of the need to preserve the countryside and villages like Combwich, so please sign now and ask as many work colleagues, friends and family as possible who have the same concerns to do likewise.

Please share this petition with everyone you know and remember that every member of a household can sign individually in order to make their feelings known.

Even urban dwellers who only visit the countryside occasionally can help in ensuring we protect a countryside for them to visit.

If you are concerned about this planning application and its possible further implications, please sign this petition in order to show your opposition to the current planning application and make your views known to to both Sedgemoor District Council and the local MP, Ian Liddell-Granger.


Full details of the application are available on Sedgemoor District Council’s planning portal at:

You can add comments / objections via the planning portal plus email your concerns to; and/or to local MP Ian Liddell-Grainger whose email address is;

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This petition had 1,155 supporters