Ban on birthday bumps and ragging in the colleges.

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The Principal Secretary

Ministry of HRD

Government of India


Recently there was a news about a student of IIM's death due to birthday bumps. As mentioned in news reports,  this boy had severe internal injuries including the pancreas that resulted in his death. Please find link of the video here ( One can only imagine the plight of his parents and siblings who had sent him to that institute to build his future and not to lose his life due to a stupid and barbaric tradition. 

This is not the first case,  where someone died or received greivious injuries due to this utterly stupid tradition. We the signees of this petition are apalled by the apathy of your department on such incidents. We urge you to treat it akin to ragging and ban it across all campuses across India. 

We hope you will heed to our petition and ensure that no other life is lost due to such horrendous and callous acts. We also urge you to ensure that perpetrators of this crime are punished and example is set out of them

Thank you