Please help STOP Arrow Transportation Dumping of Biosolid Waste in Secwepemc’ulecw

Please help STOP Arrow Transportation Dumping of Biosolid Waste in Secwepemc’ulecw

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In the matter of Arrow Transportation Dumping of Biosolid Waste in Secwepemc’ulecw at Turtle Valley, BC

We, the UNDERSIGNED, Secwepemc grassroots and Allies:

Support the Secwepemc Elders Sacred Fire at Turtle Valley to stop the dumping of Biosolid Waste on our traditional territory, Secwepemc’ulecw.

Affirm , Assert and Support Secwepemc inherent sovereign rights and title to of all of Secwepemc’ulecw under Secwepemc laws and authority.

We hereby Declare that, the SECWEPEMC, have never Ceded or Surrendered our Secwepemc’ulecw (Shuswap Nation – people and territory) by way of sale of land, or signing of a treaty agreement, and therefore are the proper and rightful title holders as a ‘Collective’ to all of Secwepemc’ulecw and have the right to veto any decisions concerning Secwepemc’ulecw that Secwepemc did not give Consent to.

Secwepemc fundamentally and legally have the right to proceed in seeking to Protect and Assert our Secwepemc’ulecw rights and title, including our right to demand Secwepemc Consent in dumping biosolid waste in Turtle Valley as it is on our traditional territories and on our sacred lands & waters.

WHEREAS, all parties involved in the signing of the Turtle Valley Biosolids Waste Agreement, including the Little Shuswap Indian Band, the City of Kamloops, Arrow Transportation, and Turtle Valley Bison Co. have violate Secwepemc’ulecw rights and title, by:

  • Breaching Trust and Acting in Secrecy and without Consent of the Secwepemc and against the Best Interests of the People and Mother Earth without any concern to the devastating impacts.
  • Attemping to Dump biosolid waste on Secwepemc land and water which poses environmental and climate threats to our riparian rights as it may contaminate the plants, berries, medicines, animals, water and fish in the area, that we need for the Secwepemc, local residents and Mother Earth to survive.
  • Using and exploiting Secwepemc’ulecw without the ‘free, prior, and informed’ Consent of the people of the Secwepemc Nation.
  • Allowing Elected Chiefs to make decisions to which they have no authority as they only have authority to make decisions for on-reserve matters under the Indian Act.

WE, the Secwepemc’ulecw Grassroots and Allies, find your actions to be criminally and morally negligent, and we are therefore are ready to take any and all direct and legal action necessary to protect our Secwepemc’ulecw. WE, resolve that:

  • Only the Secwepemc are the rightful and proper title holders in Secwepemc’ulecw. Therefore, the Secwepemc People are the Authority, and it is up to the people themselves to make decisions that affect Secwepemc’ulecw. The Secwepemc never gave Consent to Arrow Transporting to dump biosolid waste in Turtle Valley on our Sacred Lands and Waters.
  • The Secwepemc, are the protectors and authority of our Secwepemc’ulecw, this includes plants, berries, medicines, animals, water, air and fish, that the Secwepemc and Mother Earth needs to survive.
  • Because the Secwepemc never ceded or surrendered Secwepemc’ulecw, Secwepemc laws and decision-making authorities are to be reflected and recognized as the highest in all of Secwepemc’ulecw.
  • As the rightful and proper title holders to Secwepemc’ulecw, any and all projects taking place within our territory are subject to Consent to be obtained from all members of the Secwepemc Nation.