Security Enhancements for Keller ISD

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Please sign the petition requesting support from the parents, students, faculty, and administration that make up the Keller ISD community asking our district to take action on improving the security of our facilities.

Incidents of school shootings in the United States are tragic and reveal opportunities to make improvements to security practices at Keller ISD facilities.  Our current security measures, being in most cases superior to the majority of school districts in the United States, do not adequately address measures and tactics that have been used to bring weapons into schools.  We are in immediate need of a stopgap.  While the ongoing gun debate continues in our country, debate seems to be all that is getting accomplished. It is time that we take action and make this issue a priority.  Laws and regulations, both existing and proposed, cannot physically protect our children and faculty. An exceptional education experience cannot be provided when the fear and uncertainty of safety exists.  By incorporating additional security measures Keller ISD would not only promote a safe learning environment for students, but would show that our district truly sets the highest standards in its commitment to exceptional education.

We need the following in place to reduce the risks to students and faculty:

- Limiting points of entry into schools while maintaining emergency points of exit.

- Add metal detectors and screen bags for weapons, drugs, etc.

- Points of entry should be secured by trained armed personnel. Trained veterans and or law enforcement could fill these positions.

Make these measures a budget priority over building new facilities, extracurricular funding, or any other spending. Keller ISD could accomplish these goals for under $6 million. That is only $160 per student and staff member in our district. We can find a way to collectively fund these changes, but we can’t wait for laws and regulations to protect our kids. We can’t go to school with our kids to protect them. We need security in schools that match the basic security that our elected representatives are given.


Ryan Compton

Keller ISD Parent