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Stop the bombs so Syrian refugees can go home

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My name is Khaled, and I writing to you from Aleppo, Syria. It was Syria’s second biggest city, but millions have fled to escape the violence, and those who have stayed have their lives threatened by the bombs constantly dropped on the city.

I am a White Helmet. We are a group of volunteer rescue workers who rush to the site of these bombings to rescue civilians. We have saved more than 23,000 lives with our bare hands. But no matter how hard we work, innocent people are being killed by these terrible bombs. International governments must prevent the Syrian Government’s bombers from attacking civilians in the first place.

Ask President Obama to stop the bombs that Syrians are fleeing from.

Syrians like me don’t want to leave our home -- we are being forced out by the bombs that are destroying our neighborhoods and killing us. In February 2014  the UN Security Council banned barrel bombs. It must follow through on its demand to stop the bombs, by introducing a 'no-fly zone' if necessary. Stopping the bombs would save lives, and reduce the terror that has forced so many of my fellow Syrians out of our country.

The United States and other governments can save countless lives, and end one of the biggest causes of the Syrian refugee crisis, by stopping the bombings.

This single action can help immediately. I know fellow Syrians, now refugees in other countries, who have said that if we can stop the hell that is being dropped on them from the sky, they would be back in days.

Stopping the bombs would save thousands of lives instantly. Please help me bring my Syrian brothers and sisters back home.

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