Security concerns of Lotus Boulevard Espacia

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The Residents

Lotus Boulevard Espacia



Date: 11 september 2018


 MLA Mr Pankaj Singh 

Sector 20


Subject:-Lapse of security and inadequate safety measures by the builder 3C Boulevard


With due respect ,it is to bring to your kind notice and necessary action that, we are the residents of Lotus Boulevard Espacia for the past three years, the project has eight towers with approximately 500 flats out of which 350 families are already residing in the society, it has been observed that there has been a gross negligence on the part of builder in respect to the security and safety of the residents.

      It is understandable that the project is still at its developing phase but it is clearly not acceptable that the safety and security of the residents can be put to stake! We ,the residents, are very sincere in paying all the society dues which is way too much in respect to the amenities we are availing.

     The 70% flats are occupied which is not less in number but security and safety remains an issue here!

To brief you about such flaws we would like to throw light on an unpleasant incident which occurred only a couple of months ago,a Gardener was caught clicking pictures on his mobile phone of the resident girls very well inside the premises of the society which led us to lodge a complaint against him in the Police Station of sector-39( for your ref.), but such kind of incidents did not stop, it was only recently that a few days ago a young girl of only 9 years of age was harassed by a security guard in the lift, what a shock and trauma she is facing at such a tender age , we cannot let such kind of incidents happen and let these miscreants play with the safety of  our young children and women ,it’s a shame that these security providers are only infringing the security and safety!

       Therefore, as vigilant members of Lotus family we gathered in the FM office to collectively raise our voice, for our basic right of security and safety but of no avail, the FM (Mr.Sanjay Bhargav),Estate Manager(Mr.Satya Yadav) and the security incharge of SIS agency (Mr.Rajeev Shankar Ojha) could not give any assurance regarding taking any concrete measures in this regard ,rather they fled from the spot saying we cannot handle the situation and are repeatedly avoiding our complaints.

        This incident has developed a sense of insecurity amongst us all hence we look upto your esteemed office and are hopeful to get our rightful JUSTICE

     Unanimously we have come up with the solutions but we need to disclose our problems first so that the justice be imparted to us in the most rightful and trusted manner .

There are no CCTV cameras on each floor, staircase, lifts or even in the basement parking lot which give miscreants to take advantage of the situation.
Many a times the maids and other labour are allowed inside the premises without police verification and passes.
There are almost no lady guards and the male guards are generally found fiddling with their mobile phones watching obscene videos and letching on young women while they are walking, or jogging which leads to embarrassment to these young ladies.
There are number of unauthorized gardeners,  vendors, property agents causing disturbance and infringing the privacy of the occupants.
The staircase area is very unsafe and with no CCTV cameras installed with the doors always remaining open which leads to unwanted entry of maids and animals littering in the corridors and stairs.
Many times it has been observed the power here goes on and off and residents have been trapped inside the elevators without fan and light.

The solutions we have come up which is for your kind action to make the builder, 3C Lotus Boulevard do the needful

Lady guards along with male guards to be deployed during day time i.e from 8am to 7pm in the swimming pool and club area as well.
I-Cards for guards, outside workers and maids with different yarn colours should be given so that they are identified easily.
Police verification for all the guards  ,maids and helpers should be made compulsory.
Full CCTV coverage  of the society is necessary including elevators, every floor, parking area in the basement and in the staircase.
Monthly training programs should be conducted in the society wherein special briefing should be done to all the security personnelabout handling children and elderly people and the security agency should establish SOP and share the same with the residents through FM.
We would be highly obliged if you take necessary action against the builder and compel him to seriously look into the matter and take adequate measures in regard to the safety, security and privacy of its residents. It’s the need of hour that we all collectively do our part and support each other to realize the goal of right to life, and, right to live in a healthy and peaceful environment guaranteed by our constitution.

Thanks & Regards,

Yours sincerely,

The Residents,

Lotus espacia.

Sector-100 Noida




Mr.retd.col.V.K.Chopra(9560083017)FM Head


Mr.Sanjay Bhargav(9958999500),FM

Mr.Rajeev Shankar Ojha(8588855596),(9871899105) Branch head (SIS NOIDA EXPRESSWAY)

Mr.Bali(9891074667)(RVP Noida)